Darwin Gross
Darwin Gross, (also known as DapRen or Darji), successor to Paul Twitchell, the modern day founder of the Ancient Teachings of the Masters, Paul trained his successor, who accepted the spiritual mantle of the Living Master, following Paul's translation in September 1971.

Born in Denhoff, North Dakota, Darwin remembers as a youngster lying in his little wagon, looking up at the clouds and wondering what lay beyond that blue, blue sky. Sometimes he was shown, but he didn't know who was showing him these wonders until he was older.  He had contact with other Bourchakoum Masters besides Peddar Zaskq, such as Rebazar Tarzs and Fubbi Quantz, adepts of great wisdom who taught him in the dream state.  He was confident the future would bring even greater understanding of the worlds of God.

Music was to be an important vehicle for Darwin, the boy and the man, to express his feelings and experiences within the universes of God.  "You can heal people with music," Darwin stated.  "Plato taught it to some of his students whether it was on the lute or some of the instruments of those days."

Darwin joined the 472nd Screaming Eagles Division of the United States Eleventh Airborne in Japan during a peace time occupation mission, following World War II, which entailed rigorous paratroop training, and was sent to the west coast town of Moto for glider training along the China Sea.  While taking a walk he met with Sato Kuraji, a great Japanese spiritual traveler and master, who watches over a section of the Way of the Eternal, one of the sacred books of the Bourchakoum Masters at the Temples of Golden Wisdom, this one on the mental plane.

"My front porch is the galaxy and the universe I live in, as well as the other galaxies surrounding this one.  The back porch of my home is the lower worlds, the unkempt part as in most yards.  The flower garden which is the front yard is always kept in order as the exactness of all the galaxies.  But my inner chambers are the pure positive God worlds; no dust is collected there. 

When the search is over, the dark night of Soul dissolves into the light and sound of God.  You are on your way home to God.  You will know when the time comes, be it now or in another lifetime.  You will realize self, then God.  But as long as you live, the urge to help those who are seeking is unquenchable.  You are not alone, if you but ask for the spiritual guide."