Rebazar Tarzs

Rebazar Tarzs was born in the year 1461, in the mountain village of Sarana in northern Tibet. He looks to be in his middle thirties but is thought to be over 500 years old in his physical body. Black hair closely cropped to his head, coal-black eyes that pierce the heart, a neatly trimmed black beard, he carries his 6-foot frame, 185 pounds majestically, his maroon robe and wooden staff a familiar sight in the spiritual city of Agam Des where he teaches at the famous Asu-Marg school of Wisdom.

He developed into mastership under the spiritual guidance of Yaubl Sacabi. It was Rebazar Tarzs who was responsible for the inner guidance of Christopher Columbus.

Rebazar held the Rod of Power on Earth for 75 years teaching one person at a time in his soul body, then he retired in the same body to the mountain vastness of the Hindu Kush Mountains of the Himalayas. He has spiritually developed several Masters, and is responsible for passing the Rod of Power. He is known as the torchbearer of the teachings.