Lai Tsi
This great Chinese Master is the guardian of the Temple of Golden Wisdom in the city of Arhirit located on the Saguna Lok, known as the etheric world.

Tiny in stature, Lai Tsi wears a Chinese hat, has a small goatee and a thin, wrinkled face with sunken dark eyes, and a warm smile. He wears an embroidered robe of dark maroon.

Born into a family of great wealth, Lai Tsi received his higher education from one of the great monastic universities in Tibet. He retired to a cave, befriending the wild animals, concluding that realization could only be found in the stillness of nature. However, he was visited daily by the Master Yaubl Sacabi, learning the liberation of Soul through the teachings of the ATOM, and returned to the world to fulfill his responsibility as Living Master of the times.